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Each year, up to 20 students will be selected to receive a $1000 college scholarship. 

Scholarships are awarded to these deserving recipients at the End of Year Ceremony in June. 


Booster Club Scholarships 

Who Can Apply

  • Any senior athletes from both HS West and HS East may apply

  • A parent or guardian must be a paid member of the Smithtown Booster Club  to be considered. (The deadline to become a Booster Club member is May 19th, 2023)

The Selection Process 

  • Every board member receives a copy of each application and a vote is taken to determine who will receive the scholarship. 10 girls and 10 boys are selected - with each high school equally represented. 

How to Apply

  • The scholarship application will open in Mid April. 

  • Send/drop applications to Smithtown Athletic Office, 26 New York Avenue, Smithtown, New York 11787


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