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Each year, up to 20 students will be selected to receive a $1000 college scholarship. 

Scholarships are awarded to these deserving recipients at the End of Year Ceremony in June.

Booster Club Scholarships 

Who Can Apply

  • Any senior athletes from both HS West and HS East may apply

  • A parent or guardian must be a paid member of the Smithtown Booster Club  to be considered. (The deadline to become a Booster Club member is May 9th, 2024) 

    Become a Booster Club Member

The Selection Process 

  • Every board member receives a copy of each application and a vote is taken to determine who will receive the scholarship. 10 girls and 10 boys are selected - with each high school equally represented. 

How to Apply


  • Mail/drop applications to Smithtown Athletic Office, 26 New York Avenue, Smithtown, New York 11787


Class of 2025
Scholarship Winners

Douglas Antaky
Cornell University


Nicholas Briffa
West Virginia University


Sofia Burns
Bucknell University


James Camilleri
University of South Carolina


Isabella Dantuono
Marist College


Laina Friedmann
University of Arizona


Alexandra Given
Merrimack College


Norah Kelly
SUNY Binghamton


Jack Melore
Marist College


Cole Milani
SUNY Geneseo


Ava Nucci
University of Tennessee


Benjamin Rapp
Clarkson University


Lorenzo Rapp
Clarkson University

Lucas Santangelo
Muhlenberg College

Alexis Savage
College of William and Mary


Chris Theofield
University of Bridgeport

Amanda Tragna
Penn State


William Tufo
Binghamton University

Kamden Wheeler
University of Maryland - College Park

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