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Tracking Academic Requirements for NCAA Eligibility

We are proud to provide you with free access to the program, which now includes a one-of-a-kind recruiting profile for your use! The 3-Step Recruiting Process is very easy to follow and use for your recruiting benefit.

Every semester counts! So, it is advantageous to begin using as a freshman, or even sooner, whenever you start taking HS-level courses.

Just scan the attached QR code to set up your free membership. Be sure to save/write down the member name and password you create.

You may then log in to by clicking the red Member Login button on in the upper right corner.

Next, follow the 3-Steps has developed to help get you recruited:

- Step 1: Use the software to calculate and project your NCAA core GPA (it's different from your record c
ard GPA)
- Step 2 - Set up your Recruiting Profile
- Step 3 - Use the provided options to email college coaches directly.

It's that simple. Get started today!

The Booster Club has made available - FREE OF CHARGE - to all Smithtown student-athletes. 



Get Started 

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Example Player Profile

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