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East/West Combined Teams 
Winter 2023 Awards 


Boys Bowling

Scholar-Athlete Team

Jeremy Holcomb
White Letter 
Robert Woolney

Team Honors

Jeremy Holcomb - All-League, 1st Team
Joshua Holcomb - All-League, 2nd Team
Aidan Jacino - All-League, 2nd Team




Girls Bowling 

Scholar-Athlete Team

Trishna Desai
White Letter 
Noelle Figari

Team Honors

Trishna Desai - All-County

Noelle Figari - All-League

Abigail Turney - All-League

Kasey Whelan - All-League

Boys Swimming and Diving 
Scholar-Athlete Team

League Champions

County Champions

John Holler
White Letter 

Team Honors

Tyler Gallub - All-League; All-County

Dylan Gallub - All-League; All-County

John Holler - All-League; All-County

Danielle Krause - All-County

Nicholas Londono - All-League

Sydney Poulis - All-League

Christopher Sweeney - All-League

Alex Trzaskowski - All-League

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